At HomeFitt, we value genuine customer feedback and strive to maintain a transparent and trustworthy platform for reviews. This policy outlines our stance on fraudulent and spammy reviews and the measures we take to address them.

What Constitutes Fraudulent or Spammy Reviews?

    • Reviews that are not based on genuine experiences with HomeFitt products or services. This includes reviews written by:
        • Individuals who have not purchased from HomeFitt.
        • Competitors or individuals with malicious intent.
        • Individuals promoting unrelated products or services.
    • Reviews containing false or misleading information.
    • Reviews containing offensive, discriminatory, or harassing language.
    • Reviews that are repetitive, irrelevant, or promotional in nature.
    • Reviews generated through automated means or bots.

How We Detect and Deal with Fraudulent or Spammy Reviews:

    • We employ automated filters to identify reviews with characteristics commonly associated with fraud or spam.
    • Our team manually reviews flagged reviews and investigates suspicious activity.
    • We may remove reviews that violate our policy and take appropriate action against individuals engaging in fraudulent or spammy behavior.

Reporting Fraudulent or Spammy Reviews:

If you encounter a review that you believe violates our policy, please report it to us by contacting or contact form >> link.