Few Frequently Asked Questions By Our Customers.

Are all products made in India?

Where is the plant located?

What is the material used to manufacture bathroom accessories?

Does the product have ceramic properties?

Does this product address present customer pain points?

Does product have warranty?

Is product rust and fade proof?

Are products anti-bacterial?

Is product environment friendly?

How is draining of water?

How easy it is to maintain?

From where do you buy other raw materials?

How safe it is to use de-frost in mirror?

What are the safety in electrical products?

Do you have more products in pipe line ?

How is fixing done?

Can I get help on how to fix?

Is it safe for children and senior citizens?

What payment methods do you accept?

How can I subscribe to HomeFitt's newsletter?

Where is my order?

What are your delivery time frames?

My order was delivered damaged, What should I do?